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1800 kr
2240 kr
2050 kr
2310 kr
1630 kr
2030 kr
1460 kr
2180 kr
CRYPTID 30X10-14
2770 kr
2940 kr
CRYPTID 32X10-15
2780 kr
2940 kr
CRYPTID 34X10-17
2750 kr
3430 kr
CRYPTID 36X10-17
3130 kr
3900 kr
Holeshot MXR6
Ideal for tracks with loose surfaces
fr. 960 kr
fr. 1020 kr
ITP - Mud Lite XTR
Xtreme terrian radial ATV tires
fr. 1980 kr
fr. 2230 kr
ITP Bajacross
ITP's most rugged and durable tire, the Bajacross is proven to handle the toughest and heaviest UT...
fr. 1530 kr
fr. 1990 kr
ITP Blackwater Evolution
Finns i storlekarna: 25x9R-12, 25x11R-12, 26x9R-12, 26x11R-12, 27x9R-12, 27x11R-12, 27x9R-14 ...
fr. 1540 kr
fr. 2030 kr
ITP Holeshit XC
Get the highest level of performance available
fr. 1090 kr
fr. 1160 kr
ITP Holeshot ATR
All-terrian radial atv tires.
fr. 1420 kr
fr. 1510 kr
ITP Holeshot GNCC
The ultimate tire for the most difficult GNCC-style courses; designed to reduce lap time
fr. 1060 kr
fr. 1370 kr
ITP Holeshot HD
Re-engineered to handle the most extreme trail conditions possible
fr. 1260 kr
fr. 1340 kr
ITP Holeshot XCT
Special rim guard protects wheel and helps prevent air loss
fr. 1160 kr
fr. 1230 kr
ITP Holeshot
Patented split-knob design
fr. 920 kr
fr. 970 kr
ITP Mayhem
 ITP’s most aggressive mud/trail tire ever. Striking looks and hard-hitting performance...
fr. 970 kr
fr. 1310 kr
ITP Mega Mayhem
This younger brother of the original ITP Mayhem uses all the tricks of its sibling, but has added ...
fr. 1660 kr
fr. 1760 kr
ITP Monster Mayhem
 ITP’s most aggressive mud/trail tire ever. Striking looks and hard-hitting performance...
fr. 2450 kr
fr. 2600 kr
ITP MudLite SP
Lightweight mud tire designed for trail riding
fr. 1070 kr
fr. 1130 kr
ITP QuadCross MX PRO
The newly designed Quadcross MX Pro reaches a new level of performance for motocross race tires; t...
fr. 870 kr
ITP Sand Star
An industry standard in sand tire design and technology meets the strength, performance and style ...
fr. 680 kr
fr. 800 kr
ITP Terracross R/T XD
The already successful TerraCross R/T tire is now even tougher.
fr. 1580 kr
fr. 1780 kr
ITP Turf Tamer Classic
A legendary sport tire is reborn! Made in the USA. Strong, lightweight, 2-ply carcass has been re-...
850 kr
1060 kr
MAMMOTH 32X10-14
2360 kr
2940 kr
MUD LITE XL 27X10-14 78F 6PLY
"ITP MUD LITE XL 27X10-14 6PR kvalitets däck utöver det vanliga. Rekommenderas!"
1620 kr
1820 kr
MUD LITE XL 27X12-14 84F 6PLY
"ITP MUD LITE XL 27X12-14 6PR kvalitets däck utöver det vanliga. Rekommenderas!"
1860 kr
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